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  • From Elaine 49

    Hi guys I wanted to write to let you know that Peter and I got engaged when on our trip to Niagra falls. I would have written sooner but it's been a whirl wind. No date set yet but I'm so happy. Thank you for all you have done

  • From Kim 37

    Thank you sooo much for introducing me to Gary. He is such a Sweatheart! I have tried online things with zero success, this was different. Thank you again!

  • From Wanda 59

    As I told my counselor I have zero patience for nonsense dates that end the same way either as a dud or him expecting something for his time and generosity. I'm too busy for games. I was skeptical when joining but I only felt it fair to praise your company for a job well done Zach and I have been dating for 5 months and things are progressing wonderfully.I feel like a kid, don't tell him that though.

  • Cissy 73

    John is extremely cute, personable and friendly we have a tremendous amount in common. I didn't think I would find that again after my husband past. Thanks for the match up please place my membership on hold I only want to see John.

  • Kelly 28

    When I joined I mentioned I only "wanted a friend" well that sure has changed I didin't expect to meet a guy like Josh. We have been dating for exclusively for 9 months as you know and things are really moving along. Please keep my membership on hold I doubt I will ever need another match